Using Facebook Pixel with DPD

Facebook Pixel is a piece of code for your website that lets you measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns.  This article will show you where to place your Facebook Pixel code to track a customer through the DPD checkout process.


There are two main elements of a Facebook Pixel:

  1. The Pixel base code
  2. Event code


Adding the Pixel base code to every store page:

The Pixel base code needs to be shown on every page of your checkout, so it should be added to the Tracking HTML field on your Preferences page. The Tracking HTML field adds code to every page of your DPD checkout.

1- Copy your Pixel base code from Facebook

2- Log into your DPD account

3- Select Preferences from the left menu of your DPD dashboard

4- Paste your Pixel base code into the Tracking HTML field at the bottom of the page and Save to have the change apply


Adding the Pixel event code to the delivery page after a sale completes: 

You can add an Event code to the 3rd Party Conversion Tracking Code integration via the Integrations option in the left menu of your DPD dashboard, using that option will place the code on the Delivery pages of your checkout.


1. Copy your event code from Facebook

2. For the store you want to place the event code on, go to Integrations in the left menu and Add+ 3rd Party Conversion Tracking Code integration to your store.

3.  Paste the event tracking code in to the code box and make sure "Only show once per checkout" is selected to prevent duplicate events in the case of the customer returning to the delivery page later.

4.  Save the integration.  You're done!


Please Note:   The 3rd party conversion tracking code will only show on the first load of the delivery page when that option is selected.  This means that if you attempt to "view source" and see the tracking code, which pulls another load of the page, the code will not appear.   The integration is not broken.   If desired, you can uncheck the "show once" box to test, or add a test message to the box to see that the code is being inserted during checkout.


You can read up on that 3rd Party Conversion Tracking Code integration here.

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