Integrating with ConvertKit

integrating DPD with ConvertKit will automatically send all customers from your DPD store to ConvertKit and tag them with the ConvertKit tag of your choice, making them available for broadcasts, courses, and automation rules within the app.

Integration is a straightforward process that involves copying and pasting your ConvertKit API key in to DPD so that we can communicate with your ConvertKit account, then selecting the tag you would like to use for subscribers.

Integrating with ConvertKit:

  1. Log in to DPD

  2. Go to Integrations in the left menu for the store you want to integrate with ConvertKit

  3. Add the ConvertKit integration to your DPD store

  4. Log in to ConvertKit and go to your Account page.

  5. Copy and paste the API key from your ConvertKit account page to the field marked API Key in DPD, then save.

  6. Once the available tags have loaded from ConvertKit, select the tag you would like to use for subscribers from this store and save.


That's it!  

All buyers from your store will automatically be passed to ConvertKit as subscribers with the tag you have specified.

ConvertKit has a large library of educational materials, best practices, and getting started guides available on their site for setting up automations and courses using your subscribers.

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  • Avatar
    Andrew Morgan

    Thank you Jason. Seriously, this is a huge help.

  • Avatar
    Sonja Thompkins

    Thank You. Worked smoothly

  • Avatar
    Wendy Robinson

    Works great! Just wish I could tag the purchaser of a particular product with a specific tag. Great first step, though!!

  • Avatar
    Victor Chan

    Thanks for setting this up. I second Wendy's comment - I also want to tag the purchaser of a specific product with a specific tag. So I can send follow up emails targeting people who haven't bought other products from the same store yet... Hope you can set this up soon!

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