MailChimp Integration Instructions

DPD will pass your customer information to MailChimp using the MailChimp API.  This is a store level option, allowing you to create targeted lists for specific store profiles in your DPD account. 

To set up the integration, please do the following:

Please note: It would be beneficial to have both MailChimp and DPD open in two tabs or browser windows during the integration.  You'll need to copy and paste an API key from MailChimp to DPD to complete the integration process.

Step 1: MailChimp Setup

  1. Log in to your MailChimp Account
  2. Click your profile name to expand the Account Panel and choose Profile
  3. Click the Extras menu and choose API keys
  4. Copy an existing API key or click the Create A Key button to create a new key to use with DPD

Step 2: DPD Setup:

  1. Log in to DPD
  2. Choose the store you want to integrate with MailChimp from the store pull down at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on Integrations from the left navigation.
  4. Click on + Add next to the MailChimp integration.
  5. Paste in your MailChimp API key from step 1 (above).
  6. Click on Next Step.
  7. Choose the list to subscribe your customer to.
  8. Click on Save

Thats it!  When you make a sale through the website you have set up the customer information (email, name) will automatically be passed to the MailChimp list you specified.  Once you make a sale you can check back with MailChimp to make sure they received your customer data.

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  • Avatar
    Marcus Tarrant

    Cool, but would be even better if we could pass the product purchased information

  • Avatar
    Coby Wright

    Set up different list for different products. That's why I do :) So you automatically know what product was purchased by what list they are on. You can also look up the email and/or name in your dpd accout and match it to the product purchased.

  • Avatar
    Jason Fonceca

    I have researched for a long time, over multiple projects for a simple, easy-to-use, digital product shopping cart that integrates beautifully with MailChimp (incl. ability to opt-in to specific lists based on product) as well as wordpress landing pages (done nicely with DPDs instant-checkout-buttons).


    Seriously, I bet there's a ton of bloggers who use WordPress and MailChimp who are just getting started, and they'd LOOOOOVE DPDs solution.


    May want to consider highlighting this more because Magento doesn't do it, osCommerce doesn't, PayPal doesn't, BigCommerce doesn't... the list goes on.

    F*** yes, you guys rock. Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Raquel Murillo


      How do you specify which list correspond to which product? Where is the distinction made?

    Thank you,

    Luis Garcia

  • Avatar
    Jason Fonceca

    Luis, what I do is first create a NEW API KEY in mailchimp (google it if you need)

    Then in DPD I create a NEW STORE.

    Then I create a NEW PRODUCT in that store.


    Then I paste in the API KEY from mailchimp and choose which list I want.


    Hope that helps!

  • Avatar
    Tim Marsh

    Having to create different lists for different products (or whatever), is not scalable, and a poor solution.

    It should be possible to add buyers to different groups in one list.

  • Avatar
    Raquel Murillo

    Hi Jason and Tim,

    Very late thank you to you both :-)

    Luis Garcia

  • Avatar
    David Hanna

    I'm having the same problem. I have one integration with Mailchimp so all my purchases go into the same list, where as it would be much better if buyers of different products go into different lists. Any advice on how to do this would be great.

  • Avatar
    Rhythm Reference

    I would love to be able to have product information direct customers into Mailchimp segments rather than groups at some point, but all in all I love DPD.

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