Post Affiliate Pro Integration

Post Affiliate Pro is award-winning affiliate software designed to empower or establish your affiliate program with many advanced features.

You can easily integrate Post Affiliate Pro using the DPD Universal 3rd Party HTML / JavaScript Conversion Tracking Code integration

1.   Log in to your Post Affiliate Pro admin

2.   Go to the Start Menu > Tools > Integration page

3.  Select General Solution from the integration type and generate your code

4.  Log in to DPD and go to Integrations in the left menu

5.  Find the 3rd party tracking code integration in the list and click "Add,"

6.  Enter "Post Affiliate Pro" in the name field and paste the code generated by Post Affiliate Pro in to the HTML code box.


You will want to use the {{order.total_price}} and {{}} variables in your Post Affiliate Pro code to pass the DPD order price and ID to Post Affiliate Pro.

Example Post Affiliate Pro Code with DPD Variables Inserted

Note:  This example code was generated using the DPD test account.  Be sure to use the code generated by your own Post Affiliate Pro account to get the correct URLs for your account.

 View Sample Code Here

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