Close / Cancel Your DPD Account and Subscription

If you have a paid, active DPD subscription:

You can cancel your account at any time by logging in to DPD and going to the Account menu > Subscription in the top right corner of the dashboard. On the subscription page you'll see a link to cancel your subscription.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you in the future, and thanks for using DPD!

If you have a free trial you do not need to cancel your account:

We do not collect payment information to start your trial and if you do not sign up for a paid account your trial will just end automatically.   We will not charge your card.

Remove your stores, products, and purchases immediately:

DPD generally retains your stores, products, and purchases in an inactive state in case you want to return in the future or just need to take a break.  This is not a guarantee and we reserve the right to remove inactive account user data to reclaim space as needed.

For either trials or paid accounts if you want all your stores, products, and customer records removed immediately we can do so for you- just send us a support ticket.

Please note- this is a permanent and we can not recover your product or sale data once we remove your account, so please be sure before asking us to do so!

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    Patrick Podeszwa

    could you cancel my memebship per email

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