Products Disabled Due to Plan Limits

DPD regularly audits product slot and disk space usage for all plans.  If your plan is found to exceed the number of products or the amount of disk space available to your plan then DPD will automatically deactivate products to bring you back within your chosen plan's limits.

Possible reasons for your products to be deactivated for plan limits:

  1. Your paid DPD subscription has lapsed.   This will result in all your products being deactivated.

  2. You downgraded to a smaller product plan, but your total product size exceeds the size limit for that plan.   For example:

    You have 10 products but downgrade to a 5 product plan.  This will result in 5 products being deactivated.

    You have 1.2GB of product files but downgrade to a 20 product plan, which has 1GB of available product space.  This will result in however many products need to be deactivated to bring you below the 1GB limit for your new plan

To correct the issue you can do a number of things:

If your DPD subscription has lapsed, create a new paid DPD subscription. To do this:

  1. Log in to your DPD account
  2. Go to Profile > Subscription in the top menu
  3. Select a new plan with the product space and slots you need and sign up for a new plan

If you downgraded to a lower plan and do not have enough space or slots, you can do one of the following:

Upgrade to a new plan.  To do this:

  1. Log in to your DPD account
  2. Go to Profile > Subscription in the top menu
  3. Select a new plan with the product space and slots you need and upgrade.

Archive / Delete products you no longer wish to sell to reactivate products that have been deactivated.  To do this:

  1. Log in to your DPD account
  2. Click on Products in the left menu and find the products you no longer wish to sell
  3. Click on the Details link for the products you wish to deactivate
  4. Click on Delete on the top menu to archive and remove the product
  5. Return to the product list and your product will be reactivated.

If you have upgraded your plan or deleted other products to bring back any products that were disabled you will need to log out of your DPD account and log back in to have your dashboard update and bring back those disabled products.

If you have any questions about your plan, plan limits, product deactivation, or the product audit process please contact DPD support.

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    Shailla Quadra

    Woud be helpful if this page includes the information on how to re-activate a product.

  • Avatar
    Shailla Quadra

    this is extremely annoying that we have to re start everything again from zero. extremely annoying. the setting should be saved. people starting a business online usually have other full time jobs, which is why didnt have time to sign up for subscription. and now the whole thing desapear. so desappointing.

  • Avatar
    Jason Chance


    DPD automatically reactivates the products that were disabled once your account has the required space/slots to suppor them- you don't need to take any action. 

    We don't remove any products- we simply turn them off and once your subscription is activated we turn them back on.   Most vendors who complain about their products going missing have more than one account and logged in to the one that doesn't contain their products or subscription.  


    I'll be happy to help you work through the issue if you'll contact us using the ticket link above-  I can't really get more in depth with your specific account information in this public forum.

  • Avatar
    Shailla Quadra

    Hello Jason, thank you for your reply.

    Everything is working again now.

    I was on trial account, and while have been busy at work, didnt have time to log in to pay subscription, which I did just before I wrote this messages.

    Well, my feedback after my frustrating experience of having no idea of how to get out of the blocked dashboard even 1 hour after I paid, and not being able to access anything and getting very stressed out, would be if you guys include the information you just mentioned above in the email warning that the trial was finishing and then finished, because I looked everywhere for anwers incuding the emails you guys sent previously with the warnings, and could not find the answer you just gave me now, which would have clarified things much faster instead of me wasting over 1 hour of work looping endelessly in a dead dashboard telling me again and again that I had to renew something which I had just done, this way if this ever happen to someone else, the person wouldnt go through the stress I just went through. It was extremely annoying not being able to find a clear answer anywhere of what was happening and how and when things were going work again.

    Thanks anyway, as they say, better late than never.

  • Avatar
    Nicholas Cormier III

    I was on a trial and it got deactivated because I didn't want to sign up for a subscription before we actually go live with the website. Now I just entered the billing info and chose a plan, but I still can't access any of my previously set up products. When will I be able to access it?

  • Avatar
    Gavin Beck

    I'd also like to know the answer to Nichoas' question.  It's been nearly a year since I had a trial, and I just signed up for a subscription, but none of my old settings are there (products, email templates, etc.).

  • Avatar
    Rie Collett

    I woke up this morning to an email saying our products had been disabled, ouch! Yesterday we received an email saying "only one more day in your free trial" which led me to believe that I had till today to sign up. I think it would be helpful to be a bit more explicit and send the "one more day the day" message a day earlier and then another email saying something like "your account will be disabled if you don't sign up NOW." Having said, subscribing to your service was super easy and the account was reinstated immediately which was great. Also, I'm glad that there was only about 2.5 hours where our DPD account was inoperative. One person did write to say they'd tried to buy and go this message, so I was able to reply back to her, but hope we didn't lose any more orders. Overall though, our trial experience with DPD was fantastic. We love your service. Thank you!!!!

  • Avatar
    shaun dew

    You know whats so annoying. My subscription keeps getting deactivated because i dont have the fund on my debit card becuase of this i lose out on sales for that day or the when i found out it tryed to charge me. It would be so nice if i could pay my subscription through my savings account. I would love to automate my subscription with an account i know has the funds

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