Reactivate / Activate a Customer's Purchase

One of the most common customer service operations a vendor will perform is to reactivate an expired download for a customer.  

Also, if a payment doesn't clear DPD and you need to manually activate a purchase for a customer for whatever reason, the procedure below is exactly the same.


Looking Up and Activating / Reactivating a Purchase or Download:


1.  Log in to DPD


2.  Go to Purchases in the left menu:


3.   Using the filters at the top of the page, look up your customer by name, email, or any other field you'd like.


4.  Once you've found your customer's purchase, click on their purchase ID to open up their purchase details page:


5.   On the purchase detail page, click on the "reactivate purchase" button at the top


This procedure will reactivate the download URL for the customer's purchase and resend the purchase ready email, with the download link, to the customer's email address used for the purchase.   Any download attempt limits or time limits will be reset with the current values set for the store so that they can download.

Common Problems with looking up purchases in DPD:

- The name and email used on the purchase may not be the email your customer contacts you with.   Be sure to ask the customer what email address they used when buying.

- If a purchase is not completed, we will not create a purchase record for incomplete checkouts.  You can only view purchases for people who actually completed the purchase process and bought something from you.

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