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The import customer feature requires that you have a paid DPD account.   This feature is not available to free trials to prevent spammers from creating free accounts on our system to send unsolicited bulk emails.

Customer imports are logged.  We will investigate any imports that appear to be non-product purchases and obvious SPAM activity.


Importing Customers Using a CSV File

A CSV (Comma Separated Values) file is a spreadsheet format that you can read in Excel and other spreadsheet applications.  You can save any spreadsheet format (xls, xlsx, etc.) to CSV with all major spreadsheet programs.

At the bottom of this entry we have attached a sample CSV template to format your customer import with.  You should use this template for all customer imports.




1.  You need to have your store that you want to import the customer / item purchase to configured in DPD

2.  You need to have the product that you are going to create purchases for configured in DPD


Import Fields


The spreadsheet contains the following columns.  The columns are labeled in the first row. The only required columns are ProductId and CustomerEmail (required fields are in *bold):

You must not remove the column labels from the spreadsheet.  DPD uses these columns to identify what data is in each column.   You can reorder the columns if you like, but all columns must have a label on the first line.


Screen_Shot_2012-11-08_at_4.05.25_PM.png*ProductId - The product ID of the product in DPD that you want to associate this customer purchase with.

To find the product ID, go to your product list and use the number in the blue box as shown:

Input type:  number, example:  12345


Date - Optional, the date / time of the purchase.  Can be in any format that the PHP function strotime accepts.  If no date is provided the purchase will be imported with the date of the import.

For Date / Time group acceptable formats, please see

Input Type:  string, date  or date time group


*CustomerEmail - The email for this customer.

This is required to create the purchase record.  Also, used for the newsletter and send product update features.

Input type: email, example:


CustomerFirstName - Optional, the customer's first name

Used in page and email templates as a merge var, and for customer search.

Input type: text, example:  Bob


CustomerLastName - Optional, the customer's last name

Used in page and email templates as a merge var, and for customer search.

Input type: text, example:  Vila


Price - Optional, the product's price before quanity, discounts, and shipping are applied.

If you do not enter a product price,  the option you select when uploading your import file will be used.  Available options are a) Use current product price in DPD or b) Use a price of 0.

Input type:  number, example:  1.49


Quantity - Optional, the quantity that the customer purchased of the product ID in column 1

If you do not enter a quantity, 1 will be used.

Input type: number, example:  3


Discount - Optional, If there was a discount or coupon applied

If the purchase had a discount or coupon used, you can enter it's value here.  Discounts should be entered as a negative number.

Input type:  negative number or 0, example:  -2.50 for a 2.50 discount


Tax - Optional, If tax was applied to the purchase, you may enter it here.  

Will default to 0 if no tax is entered.

Input type: number, example: 1.32


Shipping - Optional, If shipping charges were applied to the purchase, you may enter them here.  

Will default to 0 if no shipping is entered.

Input type: number, example: 4.99


Total -   Optional, If you want to specify the total for this item purchase, inclusive of quantity purchased, discounts, shipping, and tax you can enter it here.

If you do not provide a total, we'll automatically calculate it using the information provided in the other columns.  If you do provide a total we will ignore the values in the other columns and skip the calculations.

Input type:  number, example:  12.99


You can find the Import Customers page in the left menu of your DPD dashboard.


Download the Import CSV Template Below:


To save your file as a Windows CSV from Excel, select "Save As.." and then choose "CSV (Windows)" from the other file type options.

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