Setting Up Payments is the #1 US credit card gateway.   You must have an Gateway account and merchant account to accept credit card payments through them.

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Activating on your DPD Store

1.  Log in to DPD

2.  Select the store you would like to activate on and go to Payment Methods

3.  Click the "+Add" link for the method

4.  Enter your Login ID and Transaction Key from your account

5.  Select the cards that you have applied to accept.  

Please note, you should only accept cards that you have an agreement for.   DPD supports international card types that US based accounts will not support, so don't just click all of them!   Additionally, Discover and American Express typically require a separate processing agreement.

6.  Finally, check the box to enable the method and click save.

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    Brandon O'Dell

    This post skips a lot of pertinent details in the setup process. I found out after the fact that my account is automatically set up in "test mode". My first several transactions were processed in test mode so no customer credit cards were charged and I have no idea if those customers received what they were trying to pay for. Neither DPD or mentions setting up the account in "test mode" and having to manually change it to actually get paid.

    Further, I can't find any information on either the DPD website or on how to actually get my money into my bank account now. says they send it to the Merchant Service Provider, but that's the first I've heard that term in the whole process. I can only assume they mean DPD, but I can find no link on DPD showing an account balance or a way to transfer it to my bank account.

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    Jason Chance

    The merchant service provider is your merchant account bank.   DPD at no time ever has control of the funds or holds them in any kind of account.  All funds are paid directly to your merchant account through the gateway.

    For an introduction on how payment gateways and merchant accounts work, please see the following link:

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    Ronald Hokanson

    The instructions are completely inaccurate! There is NO +add link option anywhere in payments pls help!

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