Setting up PayPal Website Payments Pro

Obtain a Website Payments Pro Account

PayPal Website Payments Pro requires a Website Payments Pro subscription on your PayPal Business account.   This is an additional service and monthly fee that you must apply for with PayPal before using Website Payments Pro.

You can learn more about PayPal Website Payments Pro on PayPal's Website 

Warnings and Errors

If you do not have a Payments Pro enabled PayPal account or if you incorrectly enter your API credentials and attempt to use this method your customers will get warnings and errors when they attempt to checkout and checkout will not complete.   Possible errors include:

"Security header is not valid"  Usually means you entered your key wrong.  Please make sure you are putting the API credentials in the right fields and you are copying and pasting your keys exactly!

"Please correct the following: This transaction cannot be processed. The merchant's account is not able to process transactions." means you don't have a Payments Pro enabled PayPal account.  Please see above.

Activate Website Payments Pro on your DPD Store

1.  Log in to DPD

2.  Select the store you would like to activate Website Payments Pro on and go to Payment Methods

3.  Click the "+Add" link for the PayPal Website Payments Pro method

4.  Enter your API access credentials on the WPP setup page:

To get your API Access Credentials:

Your API credentials are not the same as your PayPal account credentials. Please login to your PayPal account and go to the API Access section of your profile and choose "Option 2" to retrieve your credentials.

5.  Select the cards that you have applied to accept.  

Please note, you should only accept cards that you have an agreement for.   DPD supports international card types that US based accounts will not support, so don't just click all of them!   Additionally, Discover and American Express typically require a separate processing agreement from the standard WPP application.

6.  Finally, check the box to enable the method and click save.

PayPal Checkout Requirements with Website Payments Pro

PayPal requires that you include a checkout with PayPal option when using Website Payments Pro to process payments.  You can accomplish this by also activating the PayPal Website Payments Standard or Express Checkout (coming soon) options in addition to Website Payments Pro.

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