Using the Product Upsell Feature

This feature lets you configure an Upsell product to be offered when one of your products is added to the DPD cart or during instant checkout. This encourages your customers to spend more and increase your cart totals!



For each product in DPD you can configure the following:

  1. The Upsell Product to be offered from your currently available products.
  2. The Upsell Message to be displayed, such as “Upgrade to the Deluxe version for $3 more!”


To set up an Upsell you can follow the quick instructions listed below:

  1. Select Products from the left menu of your DPD dashboard
  2. Hover your cursor over the product you want to add this to and select Edit when it appears
  3. Scroll down and you'll find the Upsell section of the Edit page
  4. Select the product you would like to use as the Upsell item from the product chooser and configure any text you want shown on the page using the text field available.

Be sure to always save to have any changes apply.

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