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Please Note:   PDF stamping options will be displayed automatically after you upload a PDF file.   They are only displayed for File fulfillment methods once a PDF is uploaded.

Once activated, PDF Buyer Tracking automatically prints the purchaser's information at the bottom of each page of a supported PDF product.

The information that is attached includes:

  • Buyer Name
  • Buyer Email
  • DPD Transaction ID

This information attached to the buyer's copy discourages sharing of your product after download without the use of intrusive DRM which could negatively impact your buyer's experience.  Also, this simple method removes the requirement for special plug-ins, EXE file downloads, and special passwords for each customer.

In order to use PDF Buyer Tracking, the following conditions must be met:

  • Your product file must be a single PDF upload and not contained in a ZIP, RAR, ISO, or any other archive file.

The PDF Buyer Tracking function can not open and write buyer information to PDFs that are zipped inside other files.   

  • Your PDF must not have an edit password set in the PDF file.

DPD does not currently support encrypted PDFs and there must not be an edit password set on the file.  This is because DPD must actually open your PDF and write the customer information on your file when a customer purchases it.  You can optionally apply encryption after the stamp within DPD.

  • Your PDF file size should be less than 75 MB.

Using PDF files larger than 75 MB may create a long delay for your customer's download to start while the PDF file is being prepared with their information.  It is also possible that out of memory errors will result.  Using the PDF Optimizer function in Acrobat will reduce your file size and your customers download time, which is good for everybody.

Advanced Options

DPD allows you to customize how your PDFs are watermarked with the tracking information.

  • Tracking Format allows you to customize the text that is displayed in your watermark. Merge variables allow you to specify where the purchase information goes.

    Available Merge Vars include:
    {customer_name}   The customer's name (supplied by the payment processor)
    {customer_email}   The customer's email (supplied by the payment processor)
    {transaction_id}     The DPD Transaction ID
    {purchase_date}     Purchase date (YYY-mm-dd)
    {custom_X}  A custom field response if you have enabled custom fields
  • Tracking Page Limit will allow you to chose how many pages, starting from the first page, to apply the watermark. This is great for documents that are intended to be printed, but without a watermark.
  • Font Color lets you choose the color of the watermark.

Testing PDF Buyer Tracking

After creating a new product or enabling PDF Buyer Tracking for an existing product it's easy to test how it will look to your buyers.   Simply send yourself a free delivery of the product from the product's Details page.   Download the product from the emailed link to see the tracking information added to the bottom of the file.  

Note:  Because free deliveries do not collect a buyer name this will be omitted from the tracking information, but the email you sent the free delivery to as well as the DPD transaction ID will be displayed.

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  • Avatar
    Steven Vrancken

    Great! I only submitted my feature request one week ago, about adding the possibility to, instead of watermarking all pages, also less pages. Thanks a lot! Great service.

  • Avatar
    Steven Vrancken

    It would be great to have a preview - to see where the watermark on the pdf would appear.

  • Avatar
    David Rodriguez

    I LOVE this new feature.  I found people sharing my PDF online and was looking for a company that would prevent this.  I never knew DPD had this feature added.  Hopefully this would discourage people from sharing my PDF.  Thanks DPD!!

  • Avatar
    Ben Brickweg

    This is wonderful.  Any way to add a variable to embed transaction date in the tracking information?

  • Avatar
    Linda Wright

    This is terrific. Thank you.


  • Avatar
    Luca Fracassi


    I am currently evaluating DPD...


    I do miss the possibility to enter the "Name and Surname" of the user to whom I am sending the link.The reason is that if I only enter an email, the stamping of the PDF will only contain the person email.


    If somebody has created generic email (e.g. thor1978@gmail.com) the social DRM feature of stamping personal information becomes pointless... it's really something easy to do, so I would expect this shouldn't be a problem to add...

    looking forward to it

  • Avatar
    Jason Chance

    We've updated the feature to include color, size, position, custom text, and more-


  • Avatar
    Lysander Venible

    Will an attached word processing document keep this feature from working?


  • Avatar
    Simon Hall

    I've uploaded a PDF less than 30MB, its set to "Acrobat 5.0 and later", have enabled "Enable PDF Buyer Tracking / Stamping?", but the data does not appear on the PDF - this doesnt work!

  • Avatar
    Jason Chance

    Simon, your PDF file was not set to the correct Acrobat version.  I've replied to your support ticket with details.

  • Avatar
    Robert Anselmi

    Is there any way you could also protect the document at the same time you stamp it? Stamping it is great, but stamping and protecting the document is even better, and would discourage piracy even more.

  • Avatar
    Robert Anselmi

    I followed all the rules for setting up the PDF correctly, and added the stamping feature, but I'm not seeing the information on the PDF when I send myself a copy of the PDF? I'm unsure as to why this isn't working?

  • Avatar
    Robert Anselmi

    Nevermind. I got it.

  • Avatar
    Robert Anselmi

    ps: I noticed the "Encryption" option under development. Very nice addition! Keep it up and combat piracy!

  • Avatar
    Joe Caruso

    Good idea Robert. Any news on having PDF stamp and password protecting a PDF ? One generic one for my cart would be great.

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