Selling MP3 Albums / Collections of Individual Files

DPD covers just about every delivery scenario for audio / mp3 products. You have 3 options with multiple tracks-

1.  Sell Individual Tracks and an Album Combo

If you want to sell individual tracks and a full album (For example, each track $1, Album of 12 tracks is $12) you can create a product for each track, then create a combo / bundle product for the album that contains all the tracks with its own price and SKU.

This uses more product slots (one for each track and one for the album) but allows you to sell each separately. It also keeps you from uploading the tracks 2 times (once for each track product and once for the album collection)

2.  Sell an album with multiple files zipped up in to one file (no individual products)

If you do not plan to sell individual tracks you can create a zip file that contains all your tracks and upload that. This would only use one product slot for the album, but you won't be able to sell the tracks separately. Buyers will get 1 download button to download the zip, which they will open on their computer to get the tracks.

3.  Sell an album with individual files attached to one product (no individual products)

You can upload individual tracks to one product. DPD supports multiple files per product, so you would just need to add a “deliver file” action for each track you want to upload. This will give your buyers 1 download button on the delivery page for each track.

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