Product Image Guidelines

Minimum and Optimal Product Image Sizes

The minimum product image size to be compatible with all DPD features and display options is an image at least 400x400 pixels in size and generally square.

The optimal image size is a square image (1:1 aspect ratio) of 800x800 pixels in size or more. DPD stores your original image so that when we add new features that use a different size we can generate images using the original, preserving quality. By uploading a larger product image you ensure that we can generate high quality images for you when needed.

When you upload your image DPD will automatically resize and save multiple copies in all the image sizes that we need throughout the admin, cart, product pages, and widget.

If you upload an image that is not square DPD will maintain the aspect ratio of the image you uploaded and resize them to fit in our various layouts. This may lead to images being smaller than you anticipate. The only exception is with product widgets, where some cropping my occur. Please see the widget section below for more information.

For example: if you upload a 800x200 image and we need to make the image fit in a 400x400 area such as a product page in your cart, we will resize your image to 400x100, making it appear very small.

Uploading a square image, or an image as close to square as possible, avoids this.

The Maximum file size for product images is 2mb.

Image Sizes Used in DPD

Different pages and features use different sizes of your image. These sizes are all generated at the time of upload by DPD.

Here is a list of the currently used sizes on customer facing pages of your store:

Location Image Size in Pixels
Cart Index Page (Grid View) 250x250
Cart Index Page (List View) 150x150
 / Checkout 100x100
Product Upsell Page 250x250
Hosted Product Page 400x400
Delivery Page 125x125
Widget (Portrait / Vertical) 300x300
Widget (Landscape / Horizontal) 400x400

Images in Widgets

If you upload a product image that is drastically outside of the 1:1 aspect ratio used in the product widgets DPD may crop them to prevent the widget layout from being broken.

Generally, wider images will be scaled smaller for the portrait (vertical) widget. This may result in a very small product image being used if it is significantly wider than it is taller.

For the landscape (horizontal) widget, DPD will crop product images that are very wide and have a higher than a 11:8 aspect ratio to preserve the layout of the widget. 

In both use cases, square 1:1 aspect ratio product images are best for the widget.

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