"Content Temporarily Removed" Message in Subscriber Area

If you and your susbscribers receive a "Content Temporarily Removed" message in your subscriber area instead of your content this means that DPD has been unable to bill your payment method for your DPD service fees.

DPD always gives 7 days notice before billing for subscription fees and a 10 day grace period where we try to rebill 2 times before we suspend an account.

The DPD Billing Process

1.  7 days before your card will be billed, DPD will send you an invoice that contains your current DPD service plan charge and subscriber fees.

2.  On your billing date, DPD will attempt to bill your payment method for the invoice fees.

3.  If your payment method is declined DPD will notify you of a failed billing attempt and attempt again in 5 days.

4.  If the second attempt fails, DPD will notify you of a failed attempt and attempt once more in 5 days.

5.  If after the three attempts across your 10 day grace period fail, DPD will suspend your product stores and display the following message to your subscribers in your subscription area:

Content Temporarily Removed


If Your Account is Suspended for Non-Payment

1.  Subscribers will not be able to access their subscription content and will see the message above.

2.  Your signup URL will be disabled and no new subscribers can sign up

3.  DPD will suspend billing for subscribers who signed up for your store using Stripe.  DPD will not automatically cancel recurring billing profiles for Stripe or PayPal Express.

4.  You will be unable to post content or manage subscribers in the DPD admin

5.  Your product stores on the same account will be suspended.

Subscribers will still be able to log in to your subscriber area and update their profile or cancel their account.

Reactivating Your Account and Restoring Access to Your Content

You must update your billing information and complete payment for your outstanding invoices before DPD can reactivate your subscription area, stores, and admin functions.

1.  Log in to DPD using your vendor account

2.  Go to Profile > Subscription and update your billing information

Once DPD has successfully billed your payment method for any outstanding invoices your account will be reinstated and subscribers will be able to access your content again.

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