How DPD Calculates Subscription Fees to the Vendor

DPD Supplies Content + Manages Members

Unlike just about every subscription manager or recurring billing provider out there, DPD not only manages your membership but also supplies the content to your subscribers through our servers.  Because of this and the associated, ongoing bandwidth costs that are incurred when supplying content constantly to subscribers DPD charges a small per-subscriber fee in addition to your base subscription fee.

Subscriptions Use Your Product Space

Space for subscription products is shared with your product storage space in DPD. If you have a 1.5GB plan, that means you have 1.5GB shared space for both product files and subscription downloads.

DPD Will Charge You Per-Subscriber Fee

Because DPD manages your subscription billing and provides the download bandwidth for your subscribers, we charge the vendor (you) small per-subscriber fee in addition to your DPD monthly service fee.

Fees are calculated using High Water Mark billing, meaning we'll charge you each month for the highest number of subscribers you had at any given time during that month across your account. For example, if at any time during the month you have active 10 subscribers but some cancel and you end the month at 7 subscribers, you'll be charged for the high water mark of 10 active subscribers.

DPD charges a flat, $0.69 fee per subscriber after the first 5, which are free.

You will be invoiced by DPD for the per-subscriber fees 7 days before payment is charged.  You only pay a per-subscriber fee for any active subscribers you've had in a month. You are not charged for previous subscribers.

Per Subscriber Fee Breakdown

Subscribers Fee
1-5 FREE
6+ $0.69/ea

Seems Expensive?  Lets Break It Down

There are real, ongoing bandiwidth costs associated with constantly supplying content to subscribers.   DPD can't operate at a loss, so the best way to recoup these costs is to do a small subscriber fee so that you only pay us when you're making money.  And, we always give you the first 5 subscribers on your account free for testing and to start making money before we charge you.

For example:

if you have 100 subscribers at $20/mo you are taking in $2,000/mo in subscription income before processor fees.   DPD's fees are $95.55 (based on a $30/mo 6GB plan) so DPD's fees are less than 4.8% of your income.  That leaves you with 95.2% profit, making DPD one of the most affordable subscription delivery platforms around.

We've done careful comparisons of DPD's pricing to other subscription providers, all of which only provide membership management and recurring billing.  None provide content (you have to figure out how to do that yourself and pay for it separate) so DPD represents a great value in delivering subscription services.


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