Setting up UPS Shipping

United Parcel Service offers domestic and international shipping services by land and air to more than 220 countries.

Step 1: Open a UPS Shipping Account

To offer this service to buyers, you must have a UPS shipping account and register online at the UPS website.

Once you have your UPS shipping and online accounts, obtain your UPS Access Key from the UPS Developer Kit page (Step 5 on the getting started list)

Step 2: Configure Your Store

1.  Log in to DPD

2.  For the store you want to enable UPS calculations for, go to Shipping in the left menu

3.  Find the UPS shipping integration in the list and click "Add"

4.  Enter the required information:

  • UPS Username
  • UPS Password
  • UPS Access Key
  • Postal Code you are shipping from
  • Packaging Type
  • Pickup Type
  • Customer Classification

    The customer classification determines which rates are displayed to your buyers.  For example, if you entered your shipper number and get special rates from UPS you can choose to display those rates or display regular retail rates (to not pass your shipping discount on to your customers)
5.   To get your custom / discounted rates assigned by UPS, optionally enter your UPS Shipper Number if available. 

6.  Select the UPS services you'd like your customers to be able to choose from in the cart

7.  Make sure the enabled checkbox at the top of the page is checked and save to enable UPS rates on your cart.
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