Creating Coupons in DPD

DPD supports both percent based (25% off) and fixed ($5 off) coupons.   To create a new discount coupon, go to Coupons in the left menu after logging in to DPD.

Coupon Setup:

Name:  This is the display name for the coupon, not the code entered to activate it.   For example, you might name it "Newsletter Subscriber Discount"

Code:   This is the coupon code that the customer will enter in the cart to get the discount.   Coupon code can be up to 64 alphanumeric characters in length.  

Discount:  The numeric value of the discount.  For example, "5" or "25"

Discount Type:   Either percent or fixed currency (uses the cart's currency).   5% vs $5 or 25% vs $25 off.

Discount Conditions (Optional):

Required Product:  If you want to require a specific product in your store for the coupon to be active, specify it here.  If the required product is not in the cart, the discount will not apply.  If the required product is removed after the discount is applied, the discount is removed with the product.

Max Uses:   If you want to do a limited promotion like "25% off for the first 25 customers!" then you would set the max uses to 25.   After the coupon is used 25 times, it will be deactivated.  This is max uses total across all customers, not max uses per customer.  

Minimum Order Amount:   If you want the coupon to only apply over a certain order amount, for example "$25 off your order of $200 or more" then set the minimum here.

Minimum Item Count:   If you want to require a specific number of items to be added before the discount applies, for example "Buy 3 and save 25%" then set that minimum amount here.

Activation Date:  If you would like this coupon to start on a specific date, select it here. Leave blank to start immediately.

Expiration Date: If you would like this coupon to expire on a specific date, select it here. If you want the coupon to stay active indefinitely leave this field blank.

Time Zones: Coupon activation and expiration dates are controlled by the timezone set in your DPD Vendor Profile. To get to your vendor profile page: Select the vendor profile icon in the top right corner of the DPD dashboard>Select Vendor Profile from the menu that appears. You'll find the Timezone option on that page.

Note:  If you set a future activation date, the coupon will be listed as inactive in DPD until the activation date is reached.  Then the coupon will automatically activate and move to the active list.

Tangible Goods and Coupons:

You can not use a coupon on any checkout that will result in a free tangible good.  Tangible goods must have a price for processors to charge and/or charge shipping and tax correctly.

 Adding Coupons through Add to Cart / Instant Checkout URLs:

You can add the following to any Add to Cart or Instant Checkout URL:


Where CODE is the coupon code you'd like to apply. Be sure to use the coupon code and not the coupon name.

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    Paul Nicolazzo

    Directions don't apply to what I see on the screen when I click Coupons in the Store Setup.

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