How to Test Your Products in DPD

There are 3 ways to test delivery of your product through DPD:


1.   Send yourself a free download

Once your product is configured in the DPD system you can visit its detail page and send yourself a free download.  This simulates an activated purchase on the DPD system and emails out a download link to the email address you specify.  The free download function operates exactly like a valid, activated purchase on the DPD back-end so this is the quickest and easiest way to test your product for delivery

To send yourself a free download:

  1. Log in to DPD
  2. Go to the Products list in the left men
  3. Find your product in the list, and click the "Details" link to open the product detail
  4. In the row of buttons at the top of the page, click "Send Free Download"
  5. Enter the email address you want to authorize the free download for and submit
  6. Use the link provided on screen to test, or click the link in the email that was sent to test your product download.

2.   Temporarily set your product price to $0

Checkouts with a $0 price automatically skip processor checkout and go straight to the download page in DPD.   If your store / product is not yet live you can set the price to $0 and test checkout flow without creating a transaction at your chosen processor.  When you are done testing, set your product back to normal price.

3.   Make a test purchase.  

All processor accounts allow for each vendor to have a business and personal account at the same time.   You can test the integration 100%, including processor checkout, by setting DPD to use your business account and making a test purchase of your product(s) using your personal account.   When you are finished, you can process a refund through your payment processor, which will also show up in DPD.

Sandbox Accounts / PayPal Sandbox / Google Checkout Sandbox

DPD does not support sandbox accounts.   We used to, but the vast majority of vendors did not understand how they work, had trouble understanding that they had to create all new sandbox vendor and buyer accounts, etc. and led to way more confusion (and service cancellations because people got frustrated and quit) than it was worth.

The sandboxes are developer tools and not something a vendor using DPD should have to deal with- that's our job!  We've thoroughly tested our integration and worked with PayPal, Google Checkout, ClickBank, etc. to make sure everything is working in the background for you!

However, if you really must have the sandbox mode to test we can turn it on for you- please submit a support ticket.

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