Mass Upload Your Products with FTP


Regardless on how fast your internet connection is, uploading gigabytes worth of products takes time. During that time, a small hic-up in your connection can make you start all over again. To make it easier for the vendors with large products, DPD offers FTP upload.

How to do it

Start the Product wizard by clicking Add New Product. Select your website, and pick the digital product type (or digital with activation keycode). You'll be taken to the Upload Product File page.  From here, go to the section Alternate Upload Methods at the bottom of the page and click on FTP Drop Box.

The FTP Dropbox page has login credentials for you to log into your personal FTP storage space with DPD. Use the login credentials with your favorite FTP application to upload your digital products.  You can queue them up and walk away so you're not wasting your precious time.


Your FTP storage space is limited to the size of your DPD service subscription. Once you've uploaded your files to DPD, you just need to link your products. You'll need to refresh the FTP Drop Box page so it will acknowledge your uploads. Just click on the product file you want to use and DPD will attach it to your product.

Files uploaded to your FTP storage are temporary and write-only. DPD will clean out any files uploaded to your storage after a period of 7 days. This clean up process will not affect files associated with your products.

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  • Avatar
    Francis Bry

    I tried to connect with ftp and i came back as log in incorrect. I followed the instructions and am well versed with ftp.

    I used my email in as the user name, this should work?

    Frank Bry

  • Avatar
    Lisa Dworak

    I see his question was not answered.  That is my question as well.

  • Avatar
    Francis Bry

    Update: I have been using this for a while now, works great!

  • Avatar
    Lisa Dworak

    I still can't get mine to work :(

    What was the problem with the log in


  • Avatar
    Jason Chance


    We can't discuss login issues in a public forum, but please send us a support ticket and we'll be happy to check out your FTP dropbox if you're having trouble.  Most password issues are because a leading or trailing space was copied before or after the password.

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