How to Deliver a File from Your S3 Bucket

NOTE:  This will cost you money.  This is an advanced method for developers only.   Most vendors will use the built in product storage and delivery in DPD that does not charge you for space or bandwidth and is included in your plan.


This guide assumes you have already created your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. If you have not already created your account, please go to the AWS homepage and sign up now.

Note: You are responsible for all charges associated with delivering the file from S3. Please review Amazon's S3 pricing page for a current list of fees.

We recommend setting up an AWS billing alert to monitor your S3 usage.

Create Your Bucket

  1. Login to your AWS S3 Console
  2. Click on the Actions button and then Create Bucket...
  3. Enter your bucket name. Do not use a dot (.) in the bucket name. Using a dot will cause a SSL warning when your customers attempt to download the file.
  4. Click on Create

Upload Your File

  1. Click on the bucket you wish to use
  2. Click on the Actions button and then Upload
  3. Click on Add Files and then choose the files to add
  4. Click on Set Details >. If you would like to use reduced redundancy storage, click on the Use Reduced Redundancy Storage checkbox
  5. Click on Set Permissions >
  6. Verify that the Make everything public checkbox is unchecked
  7. Click on Set Metadata >
  8. (Recommended) If you would like to force the file be downloaded instead of opened in browser, click on Add more metadata. For Key choose Content-Disposition and for Value choose attachment
  9. Click on Start Upload

Get Your File URL

  1. Click on the file you wish to use
  2. Click on the Properties button at the top right of the page
  3. Important: Verify that there is a lock icon next to the URL displayed next to the Link heading. Clicking on the link should generate an access denied error page. If you are able to access the file then you need to click on the Permissions heading and remove the permissions given to the Everyone user.
  4. Copy the URL given next to Link

Configure the Deliver File from S3 Purchase Action

Product -> Detail -> Add Purchase Action, paste in access key, secret key, and file url. Click Save.

If you do not already have an S3 access key and secret key, you will need to create a new IAM User which can be found in Amazon's Identity and Access Management Console. You can follow Amazon's instructions on how to do this from their documentation.


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