Blacklist / Block Email and IP Addresses

Warning: Extreme caution must be used when setting blacklist rules- there is a real potential of blocking millions of people from successfully completing purchases from your store!

The DPD Blacklist feature works two different ways depending on if DPD hosts the payment page or if the payment page is on a 3rd party site like PayPal.  

DPD Hosted Checkout:

For payment methods where DPD hosts the payment page such as Stripe,, PayPal Payments Pro, etc. DPD will block the checkout of any buyers matching the blacklist rules.

3rd Party Checkout:

For payment methods where DPD does not host the payment page such as PayPal Payments Standard, Alertpay, 2CheckOut, ClickBank, etc. DPD will block the delivery of the product file after payment.   This is because DPD doesn't know who the buyer is until after payment is made and they are returned to DPD.

Creating Blacklist Rules

DPD will block the checkout or delivery (see above) of any buyer who matches any blacklist rule.

Email Blacklist Rule

Email blacklist rules block a specific email address or any range of email addresses matching a wildcard rule.

For example:

Rule:    Blocks:  only the address

Rule:  *  Blocks:  Any email address

Rule:   *@*  Blocks:  Everyone on earth.  Don't do this.

IP Blacklist Rule

IP blacklist rules block specific IP addresses or network segments.   IP blacklists support wildcards and have the potential to block many thousands of people so extra care must be taken when creating them.

IP addresses are entered in standard IPv4 dotted decimal format.

For example:

Rule:  Blocks:  Specific address

Rule:  123.*  Blocks: Over 16 million IP addresses (an entire Class A netblock).   Be careful!  

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