Buy button displays as text on your web page when you paste it into your editor

This occurs when you paste your buy button code in to your visual editing interface inside your HTML editor.  This will cause your visual editor to encode the special characters in your buy button code to display as text instead of loading the proper image and link code. 

You need to paste the buy button code into the raw HTML source editing view of your editor. HTML source or Code view and is usually accessed under the Edit, View, or HTML menus in your editor.

Depending on your editor, the HTML source view may be called on one of the following:

  • HTML view
  • Edit Source
  • Insert HTML block
  • Source View
  • Code View
  • Advanced mode

If you are unable to locate the HTML code editing function of your editor please submit a support ticket with what editor you are using and we will do our best to help you locate the proper function.

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