Marketing Opt-In for GDPR Compliance

The Marketing Opt-In checkbox is a feature that allows your customers to opt-in or out of your mailing list integrations.


In compliance with GDPR regulations the Marketing Opt-In feature is enabled on all DPD stores by default. This is a legal requirement of GDPR, but you can disable it if you want to. If you disable the marketing opt-in feature all of your customers will be added to your mailing list integrations without the option to opt-out on DPD's end.

To break it down and make it easy to understand:

  1. Marketing Opt-In disabled: DPD will automatically send customer data to marketing integrations just like we’ve always done.
  2. Marketing Opt-In enabled, customer checks the box: DPD will send customer data to marketing integrations.
  3. Marketing Opt-In enabled, customer un-checks the box: DPD will NOT send customer data to marketing integrations.

To edit or disable the marketing opt-in select Theme from the left menu of your DPD dashboard, edit your active theme, then select the Cart page option.


Be sure to save to have any changes apply.


Customer responses to the marketing opt-in are recorded on the individual purchase pages and in the purchase logs:




It is up to each vendor to decide if their marketing practices are compliant with GDPR- we’re giving you the tools to do it how you like.

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