Using the Create/Edit Purchase Feature

Manual Purchase Creation

Vendors have asked for a way to create a purchase in DPD so that their offline sales, mail order sales, etc. can be accurately reflected in DPD and so they can send product updates to buyers who purchased through other channels. We’ve added a manual purchase creation page where you can build a purchase using existing products or a blank line item (useful for adding a service or other arbitrary charge), billing and shipping information, etc. Manual purchases will not charge the customer, but they will be reflected in your DPD sales stats and reports.


To create a manual purchase, go to the purchases page and click the Create button in the top right corner of the page.




Edit Existing Purchases

We’ve added the ability to edit the billing and shipping details to orders created through the shopping cart. We have also added an adjustment field where you can adjust the total charged if you have issued a refund outside of DPD.

To edit a purchase go to Purchases via the left menu, then select the Edit option shown in the screenshot below:



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