Why is my Product Inactive?


There are two main reasons why a product will be shown as "Inactive":

1- The product you have created does not have any Purchase Actions configured.

To fix this case you can follow the steps below:

  1. Hover your cursor over the product and select Actions from the menu that appears
  2. Add any Purchase Action to the product and Save to have the change apply


2- You do not have a Payment Method configured in the store that product is in.

To fix this you can simply select Payment Methods from the left menu of your DPD dashboard and set up the processor of your choosing from the ones available on that page.


* Products will also be shown as inactive on the dashboard of any accounts without active, up to date DPD subscriptions or if storage limits are surpassed by adding more files than the allotted storage in your plan allows. Here is a link to our article on products disabled due to plan limits:


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