Setting up a Drip Feed Series of Posts

DPD's Drip Feed support allows you to queue up posts so that they are released on specific days after an individual user subscribes to your program.   This allows you to use the same series of content for every subscriber.

You specify a post as a drip feed post by setting its publish options to Drip Feed after [x] days where X is the number of days you want them to be subscribed before they get access to content.

In this example, subscribers will see this post 14 days after they have subscribed:

DPD will queue these posts and display them under your Drip Feed Content section on the overview page.

If a post has the "Queued" label it will be visible to subscribers when they reach the day interval you specify.

If a post has the "Draft" label you have saved it as a draft and it will not be visible until you edit the post and set the status to Published, even if the day interval has been reached.

Adding A Welcome Post to a Drip Feed Series

If you want a post to be available to subscribers the minute they sign up, such as a welcome or instructional post, you can do so by creating a drip feed post with the day interval of 0.  This post will be visible immediately to all subscribers as soon as they complete checkout.  

It is recommended you create a welcome post so that subscribers do not log in to an empty content area on the first day.

Restarting Subscriptions and Drip Feed Days

If a subscriber cancels at any point in the drip feed series (For example, on Day 60) and then signs up again using the same email they will be restarted where they left off (on Day 61) and have access to all the previous content that was released before that day in the series.

They do not restart back at Day 0 unless they use a different email address to re-subscribe.  Generally, you want to encourage resubscribes to use the same email address so they don't have to start over again and see months of duplicate content.

Finding the Longest Subscription

When using drip feed posts it will be useful to know what your longest subscription is so you can be sure to have drip feed content available for them at the next scheduled interval.   DPD displays the longest subscription in the Statistics area in the top right corner of the Overview page

So, if you publish content every 7 days (weekly) and your longest subscriber has been subscribed for 9 days, you know they have already received the Day 7 post and you need to start work on the Day 14 post before they reach it.

Mixing Scheduled and Drip Feed Content

You can mix scheduled and drip feed content.   For example, if a current event warrants an out-of-series post about said event, you can publish a scheduled post that would be available to all subscribers, regardless of where they are in the drip feed series.

This is also useful for adding a timed offer to a scheduled series of posts.  For example, you might offer a special coupon on another product at 30 days, or thank them for being a subscriber at 90 days.   You can accomplish this scenario by creating drip feed posts for these days and setting their interval accordingly (30 or 90 days after subscription start).

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