Making a New Content Post

This KB article will go over the process of making a new content post for active subscribers.

To Make a New Content Post

1.  Go to the subscription overview and click the "+ Add Content" button at the top of the page or in the Content Posts section of the page.

2.  The Create Post page is where you create the text content of your post, attach any related files to this post, and set the publication options.  All the fields on this page are defined below.

Required Fields

Title:   The Post Title.  Visible on the subscription area index, post page, archives, and in search results.

Content:  The actual text contents (body) of your post.  This is the full text of your post that is shown on the index when it is the most recent post, the post page, and used to generate an excerpt if you don't enter one below.

Optional Fields

Excerpt:  The Excerpt is used in the subscription mini-site and RSS feeds when a short form of the post body is used.  This hand crafted "teaser text" will be what people see for older posts, in the archives section, and in search results.

The excerpt is optional.  If you do not provide your own hand-crafted summary DPD will automatically display the first few lines of the main content when an excerpt is needed.

iTunes Subtitle:  The iTunes subtitle is used for when you have enabled RSS under Syndication in the left menu.  This is the short blurb of text used in podcast descriptions inside iTunes.

Apple recommends that for best results the iTunes subtitle only be a few words long.

Attached Files:   Here you can attach any files you would like to this post.  Attached files share product space with your product stores and you can only attach files you have room for on your current DPD plan.

For Podcasts the RSS spec recommends you only attach one file as the enclosure for each post.

Post Image:  The post image is shown in various sizes with the post on the subscriber area index, archives, and post pages.  We recommend you upload a post image no smaller than 600x600 and it will be resized as needed.

While the post image is optional, it really improves the appearance of the subscriber area and we strongly recommend you add one!

Publishing Your Content Post

Preview Button:  You can preview the post how it will look on your subscriber site at any time by clicking the preview button.

Post Status:   The post status can either be Published or Draft.  

When the post is in Draft mode it will not be visible to subscribers until you change it to publish, even if the publication date or drip feed interval is reached.

When the post is in Published mode it will be visible to subscribers when the publication date or drip feed interval is reached.

Publish Date / Drip Feed Interval:  Here you specify when the post is visible to your subscribers.  You have two options:

  • Specific Date / Time -  Post will be visible to all subscribers on this specific date time.  By default, the specific date time is immediately.

  • Drip Feed Content - You can choose to release this post to subscribers after they have been subscribed for X number of days.  If you enter 0, the post will be available to subscribers immediately on signup.

Notify Subscribers Option:  If you check this box, DPD will automatically send an email to all active subscribers who have chosen to get post notifications (in their subscriber profile in the subscription area) letting them know that this post has been released when they can view it.

Be aware that when publishing by date, no notifications are sent to subscribers that subscribe after the publish date. If you want a notification to be sent on starter content, use Drip content after 0 days subscribed.


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