Setting up a Paid Podcast / RSS Feed

DPD's subscriber area supports delivering your posts / content as a RSS podcast feed compatible with iTunes.

Enabling RSS / iTunes Podcast Feed Support

Once enabled, an iTunes and RSS button for your subscribers to add your feed to their iTunes client or other compatible podcast or feed reader will appear in the top left corner of the subscriber area.

To enable RSS / iTunes Podcast Support:

1.  Log in to DPD

2.  Go to the Subscriber Area Overview for the program you want to enable RSS / iTunes podcast support on

3.  Go to Syndication in the left menu/

4.  Check the box to toggle on RSS / iTunes podcast support and enter your feed summary in the box provided.

5.  Save.  RSS / iTunes support is now enabled and the buttons will be displayed on your subscriber area.

iTunes / RSS FIelds

DPD automatically populates your feed with information from your subscriber area and posts.

Feed Description

Populated from the RSS feed description you set above.

Item Title

Populated from your post's title

Item Synopsis

Populated from your post's optional "iTunes Subtitle" field

RSS Media Enclosure

Populated from the files attached to your post that have the "RSS Enclosure" option checked.

Please Note: For best support in the widest number of aggregators, a post SHOULD NOT contain more than one enclosure. Some feed readers (and iTunes in particular) will only display one file per post.

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