Post Types: Scheduled or Drip Feed

DPD supports two different types of posts:  Scheduled and Drip Feed.


Scheduled Posts

Scheduled posts act like paid blog posts- they are published at a specific date and time and available to all active subscribers.   You can publish them immediately when they are complete or schedule them for some point in the future.

All subscribers, regardless of when they signed up, will see scheduled posts when they are published as long as they have an active subscription.

To create a scheduled post:

Select "Publish on Date" and select when you want it to go out using the calendar widget.  By default, posts published by date are scheduled to go out as soon as you click "Publish" unless you specify a future date/time.



Drip Feed Posts

Drip feed posts are published to each subscriber individually based on when they signed up.  Instead of picking a specific date and time that a post is published you instead pick how many days after subscription start that a subscriber should have access to the content.

For example, if a drip feed post is scheduled to be released 1 day after subscription start and someone signs up on the 1st, they'll receive it on the 2nd.  Another subscriber who signs up on the 10th will receive the same post on the 11th, and so on.

This method allows you to queue up a series of drip feed posts and all subscribers will get them at the interval you specify.

To Create a Drip Feed Post:

Select Drip Content and then specify the day after the subscriber starts their subscription that you want the content released.  

For example:

If you want them to be subscribed for a week before they get the content, set the release after 7 days subscribed.  

If you want them to have the post immediately after subscribing, set the release after 0 days subscribed.  This is useful for initial content on signup / welcome message so they don't log in to an empty subscriber area and feel cheated.

Mixing Post Types

You can mix post types on the same subscription area. This is useful for a few different scenarios:

Adding Scheduled Posts to Drip Feed Series:

If you have timely information you want to share outside of the drip feed series, such as something related to current events or developments in your content area, you can publish a dated post that all subscribers will see no matter when they subscribed. 

Adding Drip Feed Posts to Scheduled Content:

Adding a drip feed post after 30 days, 90 days, etc. would be an easy way to send your subscribers a thank you for staying subscribed, share a coupon for products in another DPD store after they've been subscribed for some period, etc.  

For example, say you wanted to give someone a 50% discount on one of your products after they've been subscribed for 90 days- you could create a Drip post that publishes after 90 days subscribed with the coupon code and a link to the product it is for.

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