Issuing Refunds Through DPD

How you refund will be based on what processor was used for the sale.

For credit card processors (Stripe,, PayPal Payments Pro, etc.) and PayPal Express Checkout you can perform a refund from right inside DPD:

1. Log in to DPD
2. Go to the Purchase list in the left menu
3. Find the purchase and click on it’s ID to open the purchase details page
4. Scroll down to the “Transaction History” portion of the page and click the refund 

For PayPal Standard, 2CO, and other methods that do not support refunds through their API:

You will need to perform the refund at the processor (by logging in to PayPal, 2CO, etc.). DPD will capture the refund notification from the processor and mark the purchase as refunded in our system.

This is a limitation of these processors and not DPD- they simply don’t support refunds through a 3rd party cart.

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    Jim Harmer

    We continue to run into problems with this. Even if the transaction is made by Credit card and having the refund option, we get this error:
    Please correct the following: The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit..

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    Andrew De La Rosa

    Has the refunding issue been corrected?

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    Jason Chance

    There is no issue- that error is caused by when the transaction has been authorized but the vendor attempts to refund the funds before its actually settled at the end of the day and the funds are collected.

    In the case of the above error, you simply need to wait until the transaction is settled (usually every evening). For more information on your account's settlement time you'll need to contact or check their account control panel.

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