Working with Multiple Price Points

For a detailed post on the multiple price point feature and some ideas for how you can use them for different product setups and promotions please see our blog post:

Creating a new price point:

1. Create your product with the "default" price (If you already have products created you've already done this when you created the product record)

2. Go to the product's "Details" link under it's name in the products list to open the product detail page.

3. On the detail page, you'll see a section called price points. Click the "Add new Price Point" button

4. On the new price point page, enter the name (optional) for this price point and the price (required). If you don't enter a name, DPD will use the product name. Sometimes vendors use a special name for a price point, like (My Product - Repeat Customer Discount, etc.) but it is not required. The name you enter here will be shown in the cart/checkout instead of the product name.

Create a new price point button:

5. Go to the Button Creator link on the detail page or product list for the product.

6. For the "Product" selection, choose the price point you want to create a button for from the list.

7. Create your button code like normal and copy/paste it in your web page.

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