Viewing Customer Download Attempts

You can view all download attempts for any purchase in DPD by doing the following:


1.   Log in to DPD

2.  Go to Purchases in the left menu, then use the filters to find the purchase in question

3.  Click on the Purchase ID (the number in the first column of the purchases table) to open any purchase’s details page

4.  On the details page, scroll down to the Cart table to look at the items included in the order.

5.  In the cart table, click on the View button in the Downloads column to view the download attempts.


The window that opens will show download attempts, how much we could detect was transferred, if we could detect a complete delivery, and some other useful information such as their browser, operating system, and version.

Please note- due to the way the internet works we can only make a “best guess” at how much the customer received of the file based on how much of it we sent out.   There are factors outside of our control (dropped connections, caching on their end, etc.) that could make our numbers slightly inaccurate.

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    Gerben Wierda

    A CSV download for this would be nice.

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