How Does the Continue Shopping Button in the Cart Work?

The continue shopping button actually works with several fallback methods so that customers are never left hanging:

1. If DPD can determine the page the customer came from (for example, if they clicked on the button on then we will send them back to that page when they click continue shopping.

2. If we can’t determine the page, we’ll send them back to the store URL you have configured under Preferences in the left menu in DPD

3. If you don’t have anything in that field and if both 1 and 2 fail above we’ll send them back to your cart index at (where “mystore” is your actual cart URL you pick).

However, you can do a per-button override that hard codes a different URL in the button. To do that, you enter a URL on the button creator page that inserts the alternate continue shopping URL in to the actual button code and will override 1-3 above, sending them back to the page you specify.

Since this is hard coded in to the button code, you need to enter this URL for each button before you copy and paste the button from DPD to your web page. If you want to add a hard coded continue shopping URL to your existing buttons on your website you need to regenerate them or add the &referer= to your existing button target URLs.

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