Add a New Payment Term

The subscription term is the payment arrangement your subscriber makes to pay you.  The term contains the payment details such as "$30 per month" or "$30 a year, with a 1 month free trial" and determines how the subscribers recurring billing profile in DPD will be set up.

Every subscription plan has a term that is created when you created the plan.  You can add additional terms to offer alternate payment schedules to your subscribers, such as $20/month or $240/year.

Adding a New Payment Term

1. From your subscription overview page, click the "+ Create New Subscription Term" button to open the new term page.

2.  On the create term page, configure your new payment term:

Enabled:  check to enable this term for sale

Plan Name:  Optionally, you can change the name to reflect the term.  For example, you might do "Bob's Monthly Updates - Billed Monthly" and this will be shown during signup

Price:   This is the price that will be charged every billing period.   

Recurring Period:  A number and interval between billing.

Some Examples

Charge $30 every 30 days Charge $5 every Week Charge $240 every Year Charge $60 quarterly

Price:  $30

Period:  1  Month

Price: $5

Period: 7 Day

Price: $240

Period: 1 Year

Price: $60

Period: 3 Month

(optional) Enable Trial Period:  Check to add a trial period to this term 

Trial Price and Period:  Work just like the payment price and period.   Once the trial ends, customers will be charged using the above price and recurring period terms.

(optional) Limit Billing Cycles:  Check to limit the number of billing cycles for this term.

For example: If you want the subscription to run one year and then terminate and you are using a monthly billing cycle, you would limit the billing cycles to "12" (12 monthly payments).  After the 12th payment we'll automatically terminate the subscription.

3.  Save.

 You will now see your new term under the Subscription Terms section of your Subscription Plan Overview:


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