Making a keycode display on web page / email instead of downloading in file

DPD delivers keycodes in two ways:

1.  As text displayed on the delivery page and delivery email or

2.  As a file the buyer downloads

In most cases, vendors will want to display the keycode on the delivery page and emails instead of providing a downloadable key file.   The key file is only useful if you are using activation software that can accept the downloaded file.

To change how the keycode is delivered you need to uncheck the box that says "Deliver Keycode as File" on the Update Keycodes page during product setup.

If you need to change this value for an existing product, please do the following:

1.  Log in to DPD

2.  Go to your Product list for the store that contains the product by following the Products link in the left menu

3.  Find your product in the list and click it's Details link to open the product detail page



4.  Uncheck the box to deliver the file as a key and save.


That's it!

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