How do I send a free copy of my product to someone?

DPD vendors can send free copies of their products (for example, a review copy or to a friend or relative) by doing the following:

1.  Log in to DPD

2.  Select the store that your product is in from the store pull down at the top of the screeen.

3.  Click on Products from the left navigation.


4. In the product list, find the product you want to send  a free download link for, hover your cursor over the product, and click "Details" in the menu that appears

5.  Click the "Send Download" button at the top of the product details page

This will tell DPD to create a unique download URL for your product and email the URL to the email address you provide.  The recipient can then click the link in the email and download their copy of the product.

Free delivery URLs follow the download restrictions, Download Limit and Download Time Limit, you set for your store preferences.

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    Ben Brickweg

    Your system doesn't allow us to send a free download to a bundled product.

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