Paying out Affiliate Commissions to your Affiliates

DPD's affiliate system automatically tracks commissions owed by you to your affiliates.    In real time, we generate a PayPal MassPay file so you can pay your affiliates easily.  This payment process is manual and must be initiated by you, but we provide you with everything you need to quickly and easily pay your affiliates.

To generate your PayPal masspay file for a given month:


1.  Log in to DPD

2.  Click Program Manager from the Affiliates section in the left navigation.


3.  On the Affiliate Program Manager you will see the Global MassPay File box:




4.  Select the month and year of the MassPay file you would like to create and click Generate

5.  You will be taken to a preview screen where you can review the data that the MassPay file will contain:


6.  After you have reviewed the payouts for the selected month, click "Download as PayPal MassPay File" to export to a file on your computer.


Use the DPD MassPay file to pay your affiliates through PayPal:


7.  Log in to PayPal

8.  Select the Send Money tab.

9.  Select "Make a Mass Payment" from the Send Money menu

10.  Upload the MassPay file generated by DPD, make sure paypal is set to "My payment recipients are identified by Email address", enter your own message, and click review

11.  Once you have reviewed your Mass Payment and everything looks correct, click send.


This will automatically pay all your affiliates in one transaction.   That's it!

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