WP Affiliate Plugin Integration

WP Affiliate platform can be integrated with DPD using the Universal 3rd Party Conversion Tracking Integration so that affiliate commissions can be awarded automatically for the products that you sell via DPD.

Integration Steps:

First, be sure you have a store configured in DPD with an active payment processor and at least one product.

In your Affiliate Plugin Settings Menu:


1.  Go to the settings menu of the affiliate plugin and check the “Enable Remote Post” checkbox. Take note of the “Secret Word” from this section.

2.  Check the “Enable Debug” checkbox from the testing and debugging settings (this will log debug details which will help us troubleshoot if the commission doesn’t get tracked as expected.)

3. Save the changes by hitting the update settings button.



1.  Go to Integrations in the left menu and Add the 3rd Party Conversion Tracking Code integration

2.   Name your integration and paste the code below in to your integration setup page.  Be sure the "Display Once Per Purchase" option is selected (checked) to prevent duplicate commissions from being recorded if your customer returns to the delivery page at a later date.


The integration code:


Be sure to replace your-domain.com with your website domain and XXXX with your secret word from affiliate plugin settings menu.


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