Constant Contact Instructions

To automatically add the buyers of products from your store to your Constant Contact list you will need a Constant Contact Account.

Enable The Integration in DPD

1.  Log in to DPD

2.  For the store you want to add the Constant Contact integration to, go to Integrations in the left menu

3.  On the Integrations page, find the Constant Contact integration and click "Add" to start the integration process

4.   Click "Authenticate" to begin the authorization process


5.  Log in to your Constant Contact account using your Constant Contact username and password.   DPD does not store your Constant Contact login information.


6.  Once you are logged in, authorize DPD to add buyers to your Constant Contact mailing lists by clicking the "Grant Access" button displayed.


7.  Select the Constant Contact list you'd like DPD to add your customers for this store to, then save to enable the integration.



Changing your Constant Contact Credentials / Username

If you need to change your Constant Contact account in the future you can do so using the "Switch User" link beside the username field.  This will take you through the guided Constant Contact authentication process again where you can enter a new username and authorize DPD to add list members on your behalf.

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