ClickBank Setup

At this time, DPD integrates with ClickBank for single item instant checkout only.

You will need to set up your product in both ClickBank and DPD to successfully deliver your products. 

We've over-explained this below to make it as clear as possible.  For those familiar with DPD and ClickBank, you need to ensure that the following match in both accounts:

  • ClickBank User ID
  • ClickBank Item Number
  • ClickBank Secret Key (UPPERCASE)
  • ClickBank Thank You Page for the product

Step by step instructions:

1.  Log in to ClickBank

2. In ClickBank,  click on the Account Settings tab then select My Site

Leave this page open!

From here we highly recommend that you have two windows open.  One with your ClickBank account, and one with your DPD account.  We will be copying and pasting between both sites.

4.  Log in to DPD

5.  Choose the store you want to configure from the store pulldown.


6.  Click on Payment Method in the left menu.

7.  On the edit page, select ClickBank as the payment processor to display the ClickBank setup fields.

8.  Enter your ClickBank login ID and choose a secret key.

Note:  All DPD Secret Keys for ClickBank are converted to ALL UPPERCASE.

9.  In ClickBank, on the My Site page you opened in Step 2 above, enter your secret key under Advanced Tools.  Remember, it must be ALL UPPERCASE.

10.  In ClickBank, save your changes and go to the My products page.

11.  In DPD, save your changes to your website and create a new Product.

12.  In ClickBank, edit the product you would like to deliver with DPD.  Note the Product ID and enter it in DPD when creating your new Product.

13.  Once you have created your product in DPD, select Create Button.   DPD will provide you with a Thank You Page URL to copy and paste in to your ClickBank product page.

 When set up correctly, your DPD website setup page will look like this (with your own ClickBank ID and Secret):


Your ClickBank My Site page will look like this (with your own ClickBank Secret Key):


Your DPD Product will look like this (with your own info):



And your ClickBank Product will look like this (with your own product ID and Thank You Page URL DPD provides):


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  • Avatar
    Peter HJ van Eijk

    this page says 2co at a number of places where clickbank is meant. 

  • Avatar
    James Farrell

    Hi, I don't seem to find the link I am meant to give to my client so that every time he makes a purchase through his site, he makes a commission.

    Thanks for the help


  • Avatar
    Rhonda Guice

    Would love to use this but
    1. The thank you page URL does not show me exactly how it will look to the customer. Only says that when customers checkout they will see my download links and I need to see exactly what the page will look like because
    2.) CB is strict on what needs to be stated on the thank you page. For instance alerting the cx what the charge on their card will look like, support email, and extra details on the purchase. Wish these were cleared up so I can use it.


  • Avatar
    Jason Chance


    You can always send yourself a free download of any product in DPD to see what the delivery page will look like.

    We automatically include a ClickBank approved disclaimer on the delivery page for ClickBank products. Occasionally CB will ask for added disclaimers (for example, if you're selling a wordpress plugin they usually require that you say it is not by Wordpress, Inc.) and we have two additional text areas on the delivery page where you can put any additional verbiage that CB requires for this purpose.

  • Avatar
    Natalia Szw

    Hi :) Does thise also work with recurring products?

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