2Checkout Processor Setup

You will need to configure both DPD and 2Checkout before you can start selling.

1.  Go to the Site Management sub-tab under Account.

2.  Set your Demo Mode option to Parameter so you can control demo / test mode with DPD.   You must set this to parameter and control demo mode with DPD, otherwise all demo transactions will fail.

3.  Enter a Secret Word, or copy your previously configured secret word from your account to paste in to DPD.

4.  Note your account number, printed at the top of the 2CO admin panel, to copy in to DPD.

Leave this page open!

From here we highly recommend that you have two windows or tabs open.  One with your 2CO account, and one with your DPD account.  We will be copying and pasting between both sites.

5.  Login to DPD

6.  Choose the store you want to edit from the Store pulldown.


7. Click on Payment Methods in the left menu.

8. Click on +Add beside the 2Checkout method.

9.    Enter your account number (usually your 2CO login) in to the 2CO Account Number field.

10.    Enter your secret word that you copied from your 2CO account tab in to the 2CO Secret Word field

11.  Copy the provided Approved URL from DPD and paste it in to your 2CO control panel on the Site Management page.

When configured correctly, your 2CheckOut Account > Site Management Page should look like this (with your own account information, not the example info shown below):

12.  Save your changes.

You will be returned to the Products list- That's it!

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    Ahmed Ezat

    How to set affiliate system with 2checkout processor ?

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