Selling Multiple Quantities of Products

Setting up your Products

DPD Supports selling multiples of a product at a time. To change the setting on your product, go to Your Products, click Details for the product you want to edit, and then click Edit Product.

Check the box Allow Multiple Quantities and click Save. When a customer clicks on one of your Add to Cart buttons, they will be able to purchase more than one of your product at a time:

When creating a new product, the Allow Quantities feature will default to enabled for tangible products and default to disabled for all other product types.

Tracking Your Inventory

DPD allows you to track your inventory for tangible products.  You can configure your inventory tracking on a per product basis from the Edit Product Page.

To start using inventory tracking, enter the amount of stock of your product you have on hand into the Quantity on Hand field.  Every time you have a completed sale, DPD will subtract the quantity of the sale from the quantity you have on hand. Allow Backorders is enabled by default and will allow you to continue selling after you've run out of inventory.  If you wish to prevent sales once you've run out of inventory, uncheck this box and DPD will let the user know that you are temporarily out of stock when you run out.

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