Delivering Keycodes / Activation Keys with Products

NOTE:  DPD requires manual review and activation of key codes before you can sell products that contain keys.  This is to curtail illegal game and software key sales using our service.  If you need key codes activated on your account, please send us a support request with your DPD username, website URL, and the type of product you want to sell for review and approval, usually within 24 hours.


DPD supports the delivery of key codes / activation keys with or without a download delivery.   Keycodes can be added to any digital product type.

When a customer buys your product that includes a product key, DPD will display the product key issued to the customer on their unique secure download page.  The key issued to the customer will be stored in DPD and displayed on their transaction detail page for later reference and customer support.


To add product keys to a product you need to add a Keycode Purchase Action to your product:

1.  Log in to DPD

2.  Go to Products in the left menu

3.  Find the product you want to add a product key to in the list and click it's "Details" link to open the product detail page.

4.  Under Purchase Actions, click the Manage button

5.  On the Purchase Actions page, click the "Add" button beside the Deliver Key Code action:


When you set up your Deliver Key Code action for the first time, you'll be asked to update your product keycodes. DPD currently supports 3 methods for keycode delivery-  Bulk Upload, Single / Shared Key, and External Generation URL

Bulk Upload

With this method selected, you upload any number of keys, 1 per line, in to DPD during product setup.  DPD will automatically deliver the next key in the list to each customer who buys the product.

DPD will notify you when you are running low on keys.   DPD will continue to allow the sale and delivery of your product once keys run out, but you will need to manually send each customer their key code yourself.


Single / Shared Key

With this method a single, shared key will be sent to each user.  This is useful if you password protect a PDF document or installer with a single key / password and want to automatically distribute it to the customer on purchase.


External Generation URL

Key codes will be requested from your server at checkout time. If you use the URL Generation method, also know that we will provide your URL with the purchase information passed through POST data. This information allows you to generate contextual keys and log that activity to your server.


POSTed Fields:

  • name - The full name of your customer for this transaction
  • first_name - The first name of your customer for this transaction
  • last_name - The last name of your customer for this transaction
  • email - The customer's email address.
  • purchase_id - The unique DPD purchase identifier for the transaction
  • product_id - The DPD product ID of the item that requires the activation keycode log file)
  • custom_fields - Custom field responses

The External Generation URL response should include only the key to be issued- no formatting or additional information should be included.

If DPD is unable to retrieve the key code from your external URL at the time of sale, we will proceed with the transaction and refer your customer to contact you to obtain their activation code. The timeout for the External Generation URL response is 5 seconds.

Reconcile Product Keys

If your products Deliver Keycode purchase action is set to allow overselling of product keys then after you run out of product keys purchasers will still be able to buy the product, but they won't get any keycodes and you'll be left with a Reconcile Product Keys button on the individual purchase pages as shown below:

Once you've added more keys or fixed your key generator setup you can click the Reconcile Product Keys button to update the customers Delivery pages with their keys.

*You can use the Reactivate Purchase button to reconcile the product keys And re-send the Thank You email.

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