What types of files can I deliver with DPD?

DPD supports the deliver of any file type as a product.  DPD will deliver video, audio, pdf ebooks, images, CD images, and more.  Below is a partial list of the most common file types delivered online- all are supported by DPD:

Text / Document Files
.doc    Microsoft Word Document
.rtf    Rich Text Format
.txt    Text File
.wpd    WordPerfect Document
.odf    Open Document Format
.pdf    Portable Document Format File

Data Files
.csv    Comma Separated Values File
.db    Database File
.mdb    Microsoft Access Database
.pps    PowerPoint Slide Show
.ppt    PowerPoint Presentation
.sql    Structured Query Language Data
.xls    Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
.xml    XML File

Image Files
.bmp    Bitmap Image
.gif    Graphical Interchange Format File
.jpeg    JPEG Image File
.jpg    JPEG Image File
.png    Portable Network Graphic
.psd    Photoshop Document
.psp    Paint Shop Pro Image File
.tif    Tagged Image File Format
.mng    Multiple Network Graphic
.pct    Picture File

Vector Image Files
.ai    Adobe Illustrator File
.drw    Drawing File
.dxf    Drawing Exchange Format
.eps    Encapsulated PostScript
.ps    PostScript File
.svg    Scalable Vector Graphics

Audio Files
.aac    Advanced Audio Coding File
.mid    MIDI File
.midi    MIDI File
.mp3    MP3 Audio File
.mpa    MPEG Audio File
.ra    Real Audio File
.ram    Real Audio Media
.wav    Windows WAVE Sound File
.wma    Windows Media Audio File

Video Files
.3gp    3GPP Multimedia File
.avi    Audio Video Interleave File
.mov    Apple QuickTime Movie
.mp4    MPEG-4 Video File
.mpg    MPEG Video File
.qt    Apple QuickTime Movie
.rm    Real Media File
.swf    Macromedia Flash Movie
.wmv    Windows Media Video File

Web Files
.asp    Active Server Page
.css    Cascading Style Sheet
.htm    Hypertext Markup Language File
.html    Hypertext Markup Language File
.js    JavaScript File
.jsp    Java Server Page
.php    Hypertext Preprocessor File
.xhtml    Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File

Font Files
.fnt    Font File
.fon    Generic Font File
.otf    OpenType Font
.ttf    TrueType Font

Executable Files
.app    Mac OS X Application
.bat    DOS Batch File
.cgi    Common Gateway Interface Script
.com    Command File
.exe    Executable File
.msi    Windows Installer File
.vb    VBScript File
.ws    Windows Script

Compressed Files
.gz    Gnu Zipped File
.pkg    Mac OS X Installer Package
.rar    WinRAR Compressed Archive
.sea    Self-Extracting Archive
.sit    Stuffit Archive
.sitx    Stuffit X Archive
.zip    Zipped File
.7zip   7Zip File

Disk Files
.dmg    Mac OS X Disk Image
.iso    Disc Image File
.vcd    Virtual CD

Game Files
.nes    Nintendo (NES) ROM File
.rom    NES Game ROM

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