How do I deliver multiple products or bonus products with a purchase?

DPD now supports multiple file fulfillment per product, so you can attach any number of files to a product.  When the customer purchases the product they will get a download link to each individual file you have uploaded.

To add multiple files to a Digital product in DPD, simply add more file fulfillments:


1.  Log in to DPD

2.  Go to Products in the left menu

3.  Create a new product, or find an existing product in your product list

4.  Click the product's details link to open up the Product Detail page

5.  On the details page, click "Add / Edit Fulfillments"



6.  Add as many file fulfillments to the product as you wish:


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    Steven Vrancken

    I`m setting up a 3th method:

    I work with aweber - and when they purchase, I let them know they receive the bonuses through a separate mail.

    When a person from my prospect aweber list buys the product, then he automatically is unsubscribed from this prospect

    list, and gets subscribed to my buyerlist. They receive a mail with the title: you bonuses - they need to confirm

    this mail (click) on a link to go to the download page I created.

    In this way, I`m almost 100 % sure all my costumers will get from my prospect list to my buyer list, for all of them

    wants to have the bonuses of course.

    The drawback is that you need to be able to set up the aweber mailings lists

    you need to be able to make your own download page

    -> if you can, you can work with a password, to make the bonus download page more secure

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    Francis Bry

    Is there a way to have multiple zip files delivered? I have a 1GB file that I would like to split into 2 500MB zip files for delivery. This way the customer can get 2 smaller downloads instead of 1 huge zip that might not download correctly because of the file size. I was able to do this with other services. I uploaded 2 or more zipes then assigned them to the product for purchase.



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    James Nideffer

    Unfortunately it appears you can't deliver two pdf files as a combo purchase with buyer tracking, bummer....

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    Jason Chance

    James it should work as long as both of your PDF files meet the requirements for PDF buyer tracking and they are not contained in a zip file.

    You can find the requirements for PDF buyer tracking here:

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