Can I use Free Product URLs to Prevent People From Sharing My Download URL?


Because free download products do not go through a processor and instead automatically authorize a valid download it would be possible for someone to copy the "buy" URL and share the link freely without your control.

As an example, PayPal products work like this:

1.  Customer visits your page and clicks on a buy button
2.  Buy button adds authentication information and passes the customer to PayPal to pay
3.  Once Payment is complete, customer is sent back to DPD with their purchase information and DPD authorizes a download url that has time and download attempt limits to prevent sharing

Free products simply omit step #2, so when someone clicks on a free buy button they are automatically redirected to the special Free Checkout Thank You URL, the download is authorized, and the customer can access it from the link in their Free Checkout Thank You email.

Because of this, anyone could share the free "buy" url in step one and share the videos without your control.  There is really no way to prevent this as any limits on free buy urls would require that you change the links to your videos on your site daily as the buy urls expire. 

We do not currently know of any system that prevents "free" download link sharing.

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    Julien Funk

    Bandcamp for musicians has an effective way of preventing "free download" link sharing. You should consider setting up something similar for us.

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    Christine Leonhardt

    How can I create a free buy button?

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