How to Customize Emails

DPD Product Store Email Customization

DPD sends 5 emails on your behalf: Thank You, Free Purchase Thank You, Purchase Pending, Shipping, and Product Update emails.

The Thank You Email is sent when your customer's payment has been successfully processed and their download is ready.

The Free Purchase Thank You Email is sent when a customer orders a free product, and it is also the email vendors will get when making use of the Send Download feature located on the Details page of a product.

The Purchase Pending Email is sent when your customer's payment is pending approval; usually due to currency exchanges. Only PayPal purchases can trigger a purchase pending email at this time.

The Shipping Email is for tangible orders only. This email is sent to the customer when you enter shipping information for an order and acts as the shipping confirmation for the order.

The Product Update Email is used when vendors change or update a product and want customers that have purchased it in the past to get the new version. We have a video tutorial on using this feature available at this URL:

The emails we send by default are fairly generic by design. Customizing the email helps establish your brand and gives you upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

Getting Started

This guide assumes you are logged into DPD.  If not, please login now.


1. Choose the Store you want to customize from the store pulldown.


2. Click on Email Templates from the left menu of your DPD dashboard

4. Choose which email you want to customize.  We recommend starting with the Thank You Email since it is the email your customers will see most often.

Editing Emails

The DPD email editor is easy to use.  Use the controls at the top of the editor to control font face, color, background color, justification, and more.  Once you are done, click on the save button at the bottom of the page.

What are those weird curly brace things?

Merge vars.  They're automatically replaced when the email is sent.  For example, if your website is called "Ultimate Widgets," the {website_name} merge var will be replaced with "Ultimate Widgets."  For a full list of available merge vars, click on the link under the email editor.

I don't like your design, what can I do?

For starters, you can select the entire email and delete it, starting from scratch!  You can then use the tools at the top of the email editor to create your email.

If you have a web designer, ask him or her to create an HTML email template for you.  You can then paste the HTML code into <>Source tab of the email editor.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to include the{download_link} or {download_url} merge var somewhere in your email.  If you don't, your customers won't be able to download their purchase from your email.

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