Customer Service: When a customer reaches their device limit

  For information on the device based activation system in DPD please see our KB article here:

How DPD Authorizes Customer Downloads

For information on store settings and their definitions, please see our KB article here:

Setting Store Device Limits

What happens when a customer reaches their device limit?

When a customer reaches their device limit they will be unable to access their product downloads on new devices.  

This can happen when a customer replaces their devices (buys a new laptop or iPhone, etc.), resets their browser (clears cookies and cache), or downloads on a work or home computer when they have no device activations left.

When a customer reaches their Total Device Activations limit you as a vendor have 3 options:

1.   Raise their customer override device limit (applies only to the customer in question)

2.  Raise the store device limits (applies to all customers who do not have a customer override limit)

3.  Decline authorizing new devices for the customer. This should only be done if you suspect some form of unauthorized sharing is going on.  Failing to allow access to products they purchased will probably make them upset and may lead to chargebacks.

Alternately, for abuse related issues you can [completely disable the customer's access to the self service download portal].


Raise Store Device Limits

Raising the store device limit is the most common choice and will affect all current, past, and future customers who purchase from your store as long as you have not set a per-customer override on device activations previously.

To raise the store device limits, go to Store Preferences in the left menu and adjust the Total Device Activations number to a higher value.


Please note:  If you set this number to a lower value and customers have already activated more devices than your new setting allows they may be Locked out on existing devices.


Raise the Customer Specific Device Limits

DPD provides controls to add additional device(s) to a customer's profile in DPD.   To adjust the individual device limit for a customer:

1.  Find them in the customer list and open their customer page

2.  On their customer page, you have two options:

a) Edit the customer and change their device limits



b) Quick-Add a device to their account using the handy button in the device section


Please Note:  If you set a customer specific device limit that limit will override any changes you make to the store device limit settings.  

For example,  If your old Total Device Activations limit was 5 and you raise it to 6 for a specific customer, then decide to change the store limit to 10, that customer will still have 6 until they are manually reset to the store value on their customer edit page.


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