Setting Store Device Limits

DPD's device based activation system authorizes the buyer's unique devices to download products they have purchased.

For more information on how the device based activation system works and information on exactly what a "Device" is please see our introduction KB article here:

How DPD Authorizes Customer Downloads


Store Configuration

The device based activation system in DPD is designed to work out-of-the-box for most vendors without any configuration required using our default settings.  You can find the settings to adjust device limits by going to Store Preferences in the left menu.

The two settings are Active Device Limit and Total Device Activations.  An explanation of these settings are below:


Active Device Limit

Default: 3

The active device limit is how many devices a buyer can have active at the same time.   

While it may seem like you would want this to be a single device, we strongly suggest you leave it at 3.

This is because in today's connected world people have multiple devices.  By leaving the device limit at 3 the buyer can download on their phone, tablet, computer at home, etc. without having to constantly authorize new devices.

Setting your active device limit too low will require your buyers to constantly re-authorize their devices if they want to download on on their phone, etc. which will burn Total Device Activation slots and require them to contact you to allow them to activate again.  This will lead to more support issues for you.


Total Device Activations

Default: 10

Total device activations is the number of devices the buyer can activate over their lifetime.  This number can not be reset, zeroed out, or changed for a customer- the limit can only be raised if they exceed the store's Total Device Activations limit.

Once the Total Device Activations limit is reached for a customer they will have to contact you to authorize more devices.  

The reason this limit is set higher than the Active Device Limit is simple- customers get new toys.  They might get the next iPhone, or a new laptop.  These would be a new device and consume a Total Device Activations slot.  By setting this number higher you make it easy for customers who get new devices to download their purchases without bothering you to raise their limits as often.

If you want less customer support requests to add devices, set this number higher.


Customer Support for Device Activations

Please review the following KB article on your customer service options for raising the store or customer device limits and benefits and drawbacks of each method:

Customer Service: When a customer reaches their device limit


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